NoDaGrandPrix-6image © Alex Gibbs Photography


Elite and amateur cycling is returning to our neighborhood on Sunday May 4th!

The route for the course is going to have some impact to the neighborhood and we are trying to educate everyone on what is happening and how to avoid any issue with the race. The course is the same as the previous two years. The races are scheduled to run throughout the day starting at 8:30am and going until around 7pm on Sunday May 4th.

For the safety of the racers and spectators alike, the race course prohibits vehicle traffic on sections of N. Davidson, 34th, Yadkin, 32nd, Alexander and 36th and as such will be monitored by our friends at the CMPD. Neighbors will be unable to leave or come inside the course by vehicle, until after the races.

We encourage any residents on the course people to park outside the course via available lots or ample street parking (the Highland Mills has offered their general parking available to anyone who needs it.) We realize that this is an inconvenience to some of our neighbors, and we sincerely appreciate everyone’s support, understanding and cooperation in making this a safe first year event for Noda.

Site and Course map available here

Neighbor FAQ available here